In early 2004 the need for a reliable video link was identified for RC video piloting. In 2006 Fat Shark released the worlds 1st wireless FPV video goggle. 2007 saw the release of the industry defining RCV922 Aviator Edition headset. 2011 brought the revolutionary modular designed Dominator and the entry priced fully equipped Predator headset. 2013 has seen the release of the entry level TeleporterV3 and the soon to be released DominatorHD.

Sobre la compañía

Fat Shark has continued its commitment for reliability across an ever expanding range of FPV products. Fat Shark works closely with ImmersionRC to manufacture a complete line of complimenting FPV products. From Fat Shark headsets and HD cameras to long range ImmersionRC UHF control links, antenna trackers and OSDs, every possible FPV product is manufactured and tested under one roof to the same exacting standards required for reliability in the field. Designing products to work together eliminates the guesswork and interface compatibilities of mixed systems. Plug and play really does translate to more play.

2014 Fat Shark will concentrate on refining product lines and adding accessories for easy integration into popular FPV platforms. Focus will be placed on CE certified bundles (and possibly FCC) to make FPV accessible to everyone.

Todos los productos de FatShark
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