With the concept of “Walking in Era and Towing the Trend”, replying on its strong research & development ability, and manufacturing capacity, Guangzhou Walkera Technology CO., LTD. has become a professional aero-model manufacturer that unifies product research & development, production, marketing, and service.

Sobre la compañía

Walkera UAVs are micro air vehicles (MAV) developed by Guangzhou Walkera Technology Co., Ltd. (Walkera, 广州华科尔科技有限公司). Walkera, founded in 1994, is located at the center of Pearl River Delta – Panyu District of Guangzhou and is made up of 1500 staff. Traditionally, Walkera is an established Chinese manufacturer of remote control hobby helicopters, but the company has expanded its business to UAVs by starting with MAV production, based on its successful remote-control hobby helicopter business. Most MAVs developed by Walkera are equipped with daytime color TV camera, but none of them are in the helicopter configuration of the usual Walkera remote control models. Most of the multirotors MAV were originally developed for commercial and consumer use, but have been deployed by Chinese military and law enforcement agencies as trainers for more advanced and costly UAVs deployed in longer missions. In 2011, Walkera made famous the first commercially available 6-axis microcopter, called the Ladybird. This number one seller soon caught the attention of various manufacturers and copies of the Ladybird followed.

On June 3, 2014, Walkera opened its USA division to meet the demands on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). iUAS Inc was established and began distributing selective unmanned aircraft systems such as the QR X800, Tali H500 UAV USA Edition, QR X350 Pro UAV, VCT converters 5.8G image to WIFI, iLook+ 1080p FPV camera, Devo F12E FPV long-range radio transmitter. iUAS is also exploring the manufacturing of large scale models for cinematography, agriculture and security.

Todos los productos de Walkera
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